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Drive traffic to your website through Paid Campaign

The world of advertising has evolved dramatically over the last twenty years, however the conception is that the same: cast your web as wide as attainable to bring new customers to your door. In the pre-Internet days, businesses used ads in print media; currently they use well-placed ads on websites aside from their own. This type of advertising, known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), will be an affordable way of reaching a broad audience. AIM Archives Online can arrange and manage your paid campaign in order that you get maximum results at low cost.

Using Google to generate traffic and boost SEO

Google AdWords is a web advertising program that uses a mixture of keywords and Pay-Per-Click to form the advertiser’s website link seem at the top of the search result listings. The AIM Archives Online PPC team can run your AdWords campaign from starting to finish. we are going to perform an intensive keyword analysis to make sure we use the most effective business orientated keywords in your ad. we are going to additionally keep an in depth watch on what your competitors do so we are able to confirm you've got the sting.

Our job is way from over once your ad has been placed. because the traffic to your web site steady grows, we are going to analyze wherever your visitors are coming from, what quantity of your daily AdWords budget is being spent and the way several users area unit defrayal time wanting around on your web site. Mistreatment the results, we are able to work on converting a lot of visitors to users and designing future campaigns.